David J. Harris
Index of artwork

The New Car

Wind River Camp

Sunset on the Colorado

Feeding the Stockholders

How Many Cowboys?

Pride o' the Ranch

Putting on a Show

Closing the Fence

Mt. Timpanogos Going Out in Glory

King Moose

Deep South

Hay There! Mt. Timpanogos

Full Sail

Her Day Starts Early

Keeping the Tepee Warm

Busy Lines

Timpanogos Autumn

Ranger Pat Hitchin' up on the Cherokee Trail

Bull Moose

Alpenglow--Mt. Timpanogos

Timpanogos Hay Wagon

Bringin' 'em Down

Umbrella Time

Peaceful Grazing

Lookin' for Beaver

Looking for Spring, Mt. Timpanogos

Fly Fisherman

Timpanogos Winter

Splash Down, Utah Lake

Teton Dawn

Timpanogos Sleigh Ride

Packer's Paradise

On The Prowl

Wolf Call

Autumn on the Provo

Mountain Stream

Raspberry Hunter

The Falls in the Fall, Bridal Veil, Provo, Utah Canyon

The Berry Picker

Autumn Reflections

Hidden Bridge

Occupation Cowboy

Firehole Falls

Cowboy Love

Teton Tepees

Ahead of the Storm

Autumn on American Fork River

Rush from Glory

Navajo Winter

Reflected Glory

Early Start on the Cherokee Trail

If You're Up Early

Mt. Timpanogos from Utah Lake

Silver and Gold

Feedin' the Stockholders

Meet at the Barn

Summer Glen

Rocky Mountain Trappers

Teton Beaver Heaven

Looking for Breakfast

The Buck Stops Here

The Passage

At the Rendezvous

River Crossing

Beaver Country

American Beauty

High in the Rockies

Ol' Griz

Many Winters

Down from the Mountains

Mountain Man

Deep Forest

First Snow

Indian Summer, Mt. Timpanogos

On the Rocks

Early Express Mail - Fish Springs, Utah

Mt. Timpanogos in Autumn

A Lot of Bull

Red Rock Stage

When Pelts are Thick

Once A Mighty Pine

Natural Bridge

Morning on Diamond Creek

Provo River Autumn

Welcoming the Morning


Best Time of Day

Upper Provo River

Bear School

Back of Timp

Critter Care

Timpanogos Treasure

Cascading Waters

Into the Fog

Change of Seasons

The Light in the Window

End of a Good Visit

The Glory of Autumn

Heading for the Barn, Mt. Timpanogos

Headwaters of the Provo

Going to Gold

Winter Morn

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